Which "Shift" Is Right For Me?

If you are new to Aur Jewelry, Welcome!

Please enjoy exploring all the color shifting and sometimes kinetic work on my site! I “free-hand” each piece of glass over a 2000 degree flame and do all aspects of metal fabrication as well. I choose to work in this way because it makes me feel connected to each and every pair and pendant that finds its way into a new home.

One of my favorite aspects about chatting about my process and sharing my work with others, is seeing their reaction when the pieces change color right before their eyes. So many great questions pop up after seeing this bit of magic! I think one of the many great questions is, “Which one should I pick?” This especially comes up when it comes to gift giving so I thought it would be fun to share a few of my findings here. First things first! Here are each of the color shifts below, commonly referred to as “shifts”, which are consistent throughout the entire site:

Shift I - Yellow in Natural Light, Pink in Fluorescent Light

Shift II - Green in Natural Light, Grey in Fluorescent Light

Shift III - Lavender in Natural Light, Pale Blue in Fluorescent Light

Shift IV - Light Aqua in Natural Light, Light Purple in Fluorescent Light

Shift V - Dark Blue in Natural Light, Dark Purple in Fluorescent Light

I find it easiest to decide which of the five color changes is right for my customers, by breaking them down into three categories; location, wardrobe and intensity.


Although these pieces do have a bit of magic to them, I find it important to let my audience know how and why their new treasures change color. Unlike a mood ring, which changes with temperature, these pieces will change color in fluorescent lighting. Although I see my pieces change color often, I must say I spend a good amount of time indoors. To be more specific, I see my pieces change color in hotel lobbies, salons, various shops, some restaurants, both of my studio spaces, my apartment, etc… but if you have the pleasure of living in a greenhouse or a room only lit by candle light, that’s great! I encourage customers to fall in love with each piece in its “natural light state” above all else since that will be the color you will most likely see most often. Those colors are bright yellow, saturated green, warm lavender and light aqua and dark aqua.


Of course all of the pieces at Aur Jewelry are a great addition to any monochromatic or muted get-up, but here are a couple of fun notes:

Shift II and Shift IV - The green to grey and aqua to deep purple ‘shifts’ can look similar in the Orb Collection, Bezel Collection, and in some of the smaller pieces in the Shard Collection. This is because of a very important rule of thumb; more glass means more saturated colors. With that being said, here is what I’ve found to be true about these two color changes:

Shift IV and V are both a lovely bluish color in natural light. Although one is more intense than the other both go great with Classic Blues… and of course Aqua!

Shift II is a gorgeous, saturated green. It always reminds me of Summer! This shift goes well with Olive or Mossy tones.

I love wearing these shifts when I want my jewels to sync with my (mostly muted) wardrobe. They’re enough of a pop to turn heads, but not too much that they will over-power my other jewelry. Speaking of power, let’s get down to intensity!


Shift III is by far the most subtle color shift on the site. It is serene and sometimes icy, in the best way. In the Orb Collection, the lavender to pale blue studs can resemble a drop of water and also happens to be the most popular color in all styles, and in each collection. While it is currently in limited supply you can be the first in line by signing up for my email list below!

And how do I begin to describe Shift I? It can be bold, elegant and is almost impossible to ignore. It is one of the most intense color shifts at Aur Jewelry, hands down. It can be a soft yellow and pale rose or almost golden and lollipop pink depending on the collection. It is pure magic and I feel empowered when I wear it. A comment I’ve heard at exhibitions is, “It’s amazing, but what would you even wear with that!?” Besides bright yellow overalls and a fun pair of kicks? (An amazing customer was rocking this outfit when she purchased from me for the first time). It is actually my favorite to wear with a white tee and jeans and anything grey. I always want to let this color shift shine the brightest (pun intended) whenever I wear it.

For all of my lovers of blue, Shift V is dark and stormy. I grew up in a small town so the closest comparison I have, is that it reminds me of the sky at night. Shifting from dark blue to an even darker purple is what gives this glass the alluring and mystifying qualities it possesses. What do I wear it with? Almost everything...


Of course all of these suggestions are just for fun, because you can wear these pieces with whatever you wish! Adornment tells a story about who we are, before we have a chance to introduce ourselves. It just so happens that Aur Jewelry helps you tell that story with color.


Do you have any questions? Send me an email at info@aur-jewelry.com  


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