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Behind the Scenes with the Designer


  • "I love my Shift Studs III and my Shift Pendant I. The colors are beautiful and they are the perfect size. Thank you so much for making such beautiful wearable art!!"

    Elena G.

  • "They (Long Kinetic Earrings) are great for wearing to work and also for nights out! They’re so light, I forget I’ve got earrings on until someone stops me to say they like them."

    Mia D.

  • "I LOVE my AUR Orb earrings! Mine are the lavender to pale blue and I’ve received so many compliments on them. They are so well made with ear wires that don’t bend (I’ve had that experience before) and excellent settings. Thank you for my new favorite earrings!!"

    Sandi C.

  • "I saw the hoops and just knew those were the ones for me. I love all the movement and the changing color of the glass. They really are beautiful and very special!"

    Carolyn F.

  • "The (orb) ring is light but sturdy, and I love watching the colours change when I walk out of the office or stand next to a window. I can’t wear bracelets while I work so it makes me happy to see the the ring in between Photoshop and emails."

    Mia D.