What Happened to 'Shift III'?

"Hi Bianca! The lavender glass is my favorite but I noticed it hasn't been in stock much lately. Is there more on the way?"
- Jeanne B.
Great question!
I love this color shift as well for so many reasons. While some glass can be "stiff" and difficult to manipulate during the fabrication process, Shift III has always been a dream! It is the most subtle color-changing glass at Aur Jewelry and pairs well with most attires. So why the limited supply?
While the fabrication process at Aur Jewelry starts at the torch, the supplier makes the unique chemical composition that allows this glass to change color. When I was notified in 2020 that the production for our beloved "lavender" glass would be put on pause until further notice, I figured manufacturing would resume once the pandemic came to a close. At this time, manufacturing has not resumed.
But don't worry! While we wait, there will be a few pieces that will make an appearance on the site throughout the year (and a few have already made their way to NEW ARRIVALS). If you would like to be the first to all pieces posted in this color shift, make sure to sign up for my email list! It could be anything from statement earrings to studs...and possibly a ring or two!
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