Modular Earrings III

Flame-worked Borosilicate Glass and Sterling Silver

Enjoy these flame-worked pendants as they swing from linear structures.  Each glass orb is permanently fixed upon a dangling modular form in this statement pair of earrings. Pendants shift from lavender in natural light to pale blue in fluorescent light.

The linear structures in these earrings were made "free form" and are one of a kind. Although other renditions may be made in the future the method used in creating these pieces cannot be replicated, making every asymmetrical pair unique. 

Earrings are two different lengths. Dimensions below represent the widest points in each earring:

3 Orb Earring: 3 1/2" x 1/4"

2 Orb Earring: 3" x 1"

Dimensions in glass may vary slightly

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